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Why Estas Tonne is An Ideal Musician (Without Him Even Trying to Get That Tag.)

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Estas Tonne during a performance

📷 Estas Tonne Instagram.

If I ever felt intense, concentrated, unadvertised excellence, or silent, unspeakable prayer, or an unadulterated purity of work to exist in a man- it is in Estas Tonne.

Estas Tonne shakes you. He seems to feel his own tremendous power because he makes little effort to advertise who he is or explain what he can do. In India, one would equate such a man with those who attain spirituality and divine wisdom through their sheer karma; their sheer art. In India, one hopes to reach that level of devotion, sense of detachment, and humility as individuals.

Estas Tonne plays as if he plays for no one. He plays as if people should know who he is, and he shouldn't have to sit people down to make them listen; because that is not the work that he is here to do as a human or as an artist. Instead, he plays. He does not rush. He is not desperate to prove or win- though he invariably wins over the audience, unfailingly, everytime. No one who listens to his music is ever the same again. Moreover, beyond a certain point, it is impossible to escape the elaborate spiritual catch that Estas Tonne makes with the strings of his song. If one is naive enough to dismiss him in the beginning due to sheer judgment, then that is the only way to escape his music. Because those who listen get caught, and come to realize who Estas Tonne really is.

Estas Tonne follows the ordained beat of his heart, mind and spirit. He is silent. He searches for something deep. He plays naturally. He uses the whole of his hands to play; his music turning out the way he feels it must is more important to him than any prewritten rulebook of music in this world.

His fingers move according to how they must move, and his whole body seems to listen to him play. He is the music. He is the musician. He is audience. He is the knowing critic. He is the appreciator of his work.

He is Estas Tonne.


I hope that so many more of us can be what he is, in quality and spirit, in what we happen to do. ●

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