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The Rising Maya Weug

Maya Weug happened to make history today by becoming the first female racer to enter Ferrari Driver Academy. This was through her selection in the inaugural Girls on Track program by FIA.

Interestingly enough, motorsports happen to be the only sports besides equestrian sports which allow men and women to compete on the same track. This was pointed out by the Head of Ferrari Driver Academy, Marco Matassa, himself.

Weug mentioned that one of the best things about recent weeks was getting to know herself better, which has greatly helped her to mentally prepare for the highly competitive F4 races ahead of her. The fact that she, along with a select few girls, are the first to have access to some of the finest resources, including advice from the best coaches arranged by Ferrari, is unprecedented, and likely a big bonus too.

Maya Weug is both Belgian and Dutch, owing to her mother and father's respective nationalities, and resides in Spain.


"I started karting when I was seven. And I just couldn't stop," gushed Weug.

Maya Weug has been competing internationally for over four years, including at the World and European championships. While speaking to Formula 1 presenter Margot Laffite, she appeared balanced, and genuinely driven.

"My biggest dream is to be a part of F1," said Weug.

Here's to seeing Maya Weug on a lot more podiums.

As FIA says: A Rising Star.

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