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Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer Haute Couture 2021: Valentino's Code Temporal

Maison Valentino’s 'Code Temporal' was easily one of the most beautiful spring/summer haute couture collections to be unveiled this year.

Set at the Galleria Colonna, Sala Grande, Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli's 'Code Temporal' successfully heralded the onset of a new spring; and it did so with a beautiful reaffirmation of fashion in altered time- literally and metaphorically.

Piccioli played with fundamental contrasts to bring beautiful balance; the old next to the new; the traditional and the theatrical mixed with the modern and contemporary. Pierpaolo Piccioli's Valentino seemed to be telling us: one can, or should, move forward while still being astutely cognizant and appreciative of our grand history.

There was something gorgeous about the shocking shades of pink, gold, and copper being carried by modern women into the majestic stage that is Sala Grande. There was a sense of pragmatism; movement; activity; as if these clothes were made not just for the men and women who are about to head out to starry events, but also for the men and women who want to look good during the day, while on the move.

Piccioli's touched the heart of modern and classical aesthetic through an expert interplay of fabric and accessories: 'Code Temporal' came alive with towering platforms, crinkled knee-length boots, purses, and facepaint that could very well have been a mask (a play on us requiring masks in real life?)

The sunlight entering the hall brought a fresh vibe; as if Piccioli was literally, but gently, ushering in new life. The glinting all-sequinned dresses were masterpieces- clear highlights of the show- adding further drama, beauty and delight.

The haunting electronic music by Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack set the well-paced, contemporary tone for Piccioli's runway.

All in all, Piccioli's show was a timely nod to people of today, since his haute couture correctly interpreted current needs while showing us what we would want.

It used a gorgeous palette of colors, and embroidery that elicited joy, optimism and hope. It infused enthusiasm for fashion by making people want to get moving, if only to get themselves into the fabricated SS'21 vision of Pierpaolo Piccioli; making #CodeTemporal the most exciting show at Paris Fashion Week.

By Lakshmi Art Press

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