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On Luxury Floral Designer Tony Marklew

Tony Marklew writes epic myths with flowers.

London-based floral designer Tony Marklew watches the world like a grand, theatrical play. For him, inspiration can be found in heaps of fallen fruit and foliage; in the silent entry of the sun's rays into a room; in the soft flow of water around colossal rocks.

Tony Marklew sees poetry like a photographer sees beauty. He feels it; he senses it; and as the world continues to change rapidly, he remembers what he saw, and captures what he feels, with materials of his own. Flowers. Wood. Mirrors.

Paint and water.

Marklew's favorite tools of communication are those of painters; he draws out an entire world (temporary interior design, he says) for others to begin to understand what he sees.

Marklew's expertise is such that he will decorate a room that will prompt even grown adults to begin dreaming.

One can easily imagine a love story taking place near staircases decorated by Marklew; maybe a girl running down it with glee; maybe a man waiting below. Maybe someone walking alongside, and maybe something magical happening to them, no matter who they are.

As a luxury floral designer, Marklew regularly designs for special people on special occasions. But through his designs, Marklew spreads infectious beauty which rarely spares anyone in the vicinity.

Flowers sweep up the walls as if they were rays of light, or a breeze instead. Flowers are sometimes strewn across the floor, redolent of a park, or made to sit respectfully around the shoulders of a Buddha, with a lone pink flower subtly highlighting his peace.

Marklew sets tables as if someone had opened their heart, dug deep inside, and poured what they found onto the table; blessing it; coloring it; laying the ground and greatly increasing the probability for a set of events to happen.

Vulnerability marks every inch of a Marklew tablescape because it is so perfect; someone laid out every decorative item on the table out of emotion. So, at first, you will not want to touch it; what if it breaks? How can anyone be allowed to touch perfection?

🖋 Lakshmi Art Press

📷 Tony Marklew / Instagram

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