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On Jamie Lever.

Who is one of the most talented comedians, and actors out of Asia right now?

We would say Jamie Lever.

It is hard to describe the scope and breathtaking versatility of Jamie Lever, because she is everything. She can walk up to a stage and present awards alongside famous stars. She can be introduced to a person, or perhaps shown a video, and within minutes, she could probably pull up her own bodily features to become them, in resemblance, voice and spirit. She can dance, she can play the guitar, and she break into songs. She can grace the cover of a women's magazine with beauty, class and grace. She can act.

Since none of this is enough for her, she can also make you laugh.

It would be difficult to think of an all-round entertainer as complete as Jamie who is also so real with her audience. While seeking to forge a path of her own, she also stops from time to time to laugh at herself, and to share stories and experiences from her own life.

There is the story, for instance, of how she came to deal with her perception of herself by tackling the issue of her weight and learning to strike a balance- for her own sake, as well as to not have to use her body as material for comedy, as is common.

"I wanted to be able to use my voice," she added.

How many young women do you know with similar potential, talent, soul, and range; one who is also an astute observer of norms, people and society? Not many, we would say.

With her equally talented brother Jesse Lever, she engages in hilarious antics and real talk; and, clearly, one of the many things that she has going for her is the understanding that she shares with Jesse on personal and professional levels; something that could probably lead to brilliant collaborative comedy in the future.

Jamie Lever is also a person who absorbs sounds, accents and entire languages, like a fish swims in water. Every culture, human, and way of being is under constant study for Jamie Lever; making Jamie more and more of everything and everyone every passing minute.

The encyclopedia of human behavior and emotions, Jamie Lever, is clearly meant to rise.

But it will not just be deafening halls filled with laughter that will greet her.

It will also be the hushed sounds, and the soft silence of respect.

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