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Disney's Cruella Looks Promising: Thoughts on the Official Trailer.

We love the latest official trailer of Disney's upcoming live-action film on 101 Dalmatians' infamous villain, Cruella.

The phrase "never seen before" is much too cliché, especially when describing aspects of a film. However, as far as the trailer goes, it looks like the new upcoming Disney film titled 'Cruella' does seem to have leading actor Emma Stone in a (you've guessed it...) never seen before role.

There is something exciting about origin-of-character stories; watching how the seeds of a personality- that, too, of an admittedly unhinged character like Cruella- can be sown in the early stages of their life to arguably make their future villainous deeds close to inevitable; to see the blurring of lines between sheer genius, madness and morality; to watch what a person feels about themselves and how it compares to their acceptance (or lack of thereof) in the communities they live in; to watch someone grow out from their young adult lives to become one of Disney's most brilliant and iconic villains. It may be tragic or ominous, but certainly meritorious of a study; a reflection.

Are some people 'meant' to be villains? Or, are there opportunities for them to be saved or to save themselves? We expect the film Cruella to give us their take on these pertinent questions.

In concept, the movie already has our attention. If the movie can make us think, it could be a real cinematic contribution.

The trailer seems to promise a face-off or two between Stone and senior actor Emma Thompson. As far as the whole vibe and package of the trailer goes, we would call it promising. The big question that remains is this: Emma Stone's delivery of what we imagine to be a fairly complex and tricky role. Emma Stone gets a lot of points for taking on this project, since the role would be considered complex for the most experienced, veteran actors in the industry. It would be fair to say, then, that the final success of movie will rest on two things: the degree to which the 'coming of age' story of Cruella makes sense from a writers' perspective, and how much authenticity Stone is able to lend.

We can't wait to find out.


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