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A Tribute to Pandit Jasraj.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Remembering Pandit Jasraj

Koi Nahi Hai Apna, Pandit Jasraj ji crooned. We first heard this piece of music, along with most of his famed songs, about a year back in Delhi. His voice arose through the equipment and traveled through the air to reach us in a phenomenon that he knew so well, mastered, felt and understood. He was a master of sound. A master of the air. An energy healer. A rouser. Someone who could calm you with what he did with his voice- without knowing you. And yet he seemed to know and see so much of humanity while immersed in his own music. An enlightened being. A saint. A Pandit. Pandit Jasraj.

I tend to wake up with a clear, distinct feeling or thought everyday. Today, it was different. Today, it was as if a song was already playing inside me as I awakened. And while it sounded familiar, it felt as if I had woken up with that song out of nowhere. After all, there are a million songs in this world. Why this one? Also, whose song was it?

It was Pandit Jasraj's. A soft, slow song saying over and over again: no one is ours. कोई नहीं है अपना.

Once I identified the song playing inside of me, I scrambled to find the actual song to hear it: it felt like pure magic and like an enormous blessing to hear his voice; it also seemed to be the exact song that I needed to hear at that time.

The sounds of his music fell like poetry into my ears. They gently and powerfully moved through every part of me in slow sequence from ear to mind, and heart to spirit. It shook my spirit. It straightened it. It made me better. It soothed me. It understood me. It heard me.

Has a song heard you before?

It had long been clear to me that men like Pandit ji are men of a different world, even while they are with us. He played with the spirits of humanity as he sang; touched them; arrested them; held them; and freed them. We were like birds in a cage, but birds who were free. We could be liberated by his voice. We could be more human with his voice. Finally, we could be ourselves again by being reminded of who we were. He held a mirror to each of our faces, and each of cried on being able to see.

Pandit Jasraj could do that to us.

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